I am the author of the upcoming memoir L.L.A.U.G.H. – Love, Laughter, Abundance, Understanding, Gratitude, Hope:  How I didn’t just survive emergency heart surgery but how it opened my heart and eyes to the vastness of the life before me.

I’m infinitely curious about life. A seeker of truth, beauty and ideas. A human, writer, artist, futurist, humanitarian, poet, blogger, musician, creative, photographer, imagist and more.

After working as a journalist, editor, blogger, communications person for non-profits and running CT Environmental Headlines for seven years, I’m now working on various creative writing projects as well as photography, and music.

I have known from an early age that Imagination is as infinite as the universe. I’m deep probing that knowledge now.

Snippets of things I find, think of, believe, put on Facebook, are also on Twitter (@cjzurcher).

Join me and other global citizens and citizens of the greater universe.