Does the ‘U.S.’ question the worth of the U.N. because Donald Trump says something stupid? Donald Trump is not my spokesperson. What Trump says does not equate with what America thinks.

Antonio Guterres took the reins of the United Nations on New Year’s Day, making it clear that his top priority will be preventing crises and promoting peace, Edith M. Lederer of The Associated Press reports. "As Guterres begins his five-year term facing conflicts from Syria and Yemen to South Sudan and Libya and global crises... Continue Reading →

A 94-year-old former Nazi guard stands accused of helping to murder 170,000 people — still hope that more war criminals will be brought to justice

ed:This shows there is still hope that many more war criminals, from Africa, Latin America, China, the U.S., will one day be brought to justice and, perhaps people in this world will change their ways and not order others to go out and kill people. Trials of former Nazi concentration camp guards in Germany have... Continue Reading →

Bits from today’s Washington Post feed

Donald Trump mocked at German Carnival: “Make fascism great again” This (remarkable -- of course it's remarkable, you have it in your news feed) chart shows how U.S. defense spending dwarfs the rest of the world This Indian soldier survived five miraculous days trapped beneath a 25-foot avalanche Chinese mall becomes ‘prison’ for bears, belugas,... Continue Reading →

Hunting With Golden Eagles In Kazakhstan

Some 50 Kazakh falconers have taken part in an annual contest to prove their skill at hunting with golden eagles. The sport -- in which the eagles hunt rabbits and foxes on command -- is a Kazakh tradition that goes back many centuries. Madi Bekmaganbetov, RFE/RL's Kazakh Service For more on this story, visit: Hunting... Continue Reading →

Writing the Ship | Daily Nutmeg

Earlier this month, Connecticut Congressman Joe Courtney caught a big blunder in the new film biography of Abraham Lincoln. One scene shows states voting to ratify the amendment abolishing slavery, with Courtney’s 19th century Connecticut congressional counterparts heard voting against the 13th amendment when in fact all four of Connecticut’s congressmen at the time voted... Continue Reading →

The American People Need Real Spending Cuts

President Obama and other so-called progressives insist that the American people are not overly dependent on government. They also predict dire consequences if the automatic budget “cuts” known as sequestration take place March 1. Both claims cannot be true. If modest across-the-board “cuts” — mainly cuts in the rate of growth — in military and... Continue Reading →

Financing the Global Sharing Economy – STWR – Share The World’s Resources

A report by Share The World’s Resources demonstrates how governments could mobilize over $2.8 trillion each year to bolster the global sharing economy and prevent life-threatening deprivation, reverse austerity measures and mitigate the human impacts of climate change. Humanity is facing a global emergency. Extreme poverty and climate-related disasters are taking the lives of over... Continue Reading →

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